Welcome to Pumpkin Patch Preschool

A Parent LED Co-operative, Established in 1973


Pumpkin Patch is Stoughton's only parent-led, secular preschool. Join our independent community of committed parents, experienced educators, and engaged children.

One of the primary benefits of sending your child to a parent led cooperative preschool is that you get to be part of the process. This is not only rewarding, it also provides a sense of fellowship and the opportunity to build community with the other families at Pumpkin Patch. 

Pumpkin Patch uses a traditional preschool approach and emphasizes child development through independent, structured, and group play activities. Our primary focus is the holistic development of each individual child as we help prepare them for kindergarten.

The Cooperative Life

A co-operative school depends on its community of parents.  Parents serve on our Board of Directors, fundraise for the school, help maintain the school and grounds, provide and restock supplies, clean, paint, and more. Every family is asked to contribute their talents and their unique perspective to our children and our school.

Children love learning when their parents and teachers work together to create a community that supports children’s explorations, creativity, thoughts and dreams. Join us in keeping the Pumpkin Patch tradition alive!

Our Objectives

  • Cultivate a stimulating environment for emotional, social, and academic growth
  • Encourage self-confidence, independence, and responsibility
  • Develop understanding of others and their feelings
  • Promote self-expression and discovery in learning
  • Teach problem solving skills
  • Build a positive attitude toward learning, creating a foundation for future education

Parent Co-op Benefits

  • Parents are surrounded by a community of like-minded parents who highly value their children’s education
  • School becomes special when a parent is there to share it
  • Children see the value their parents place on education
  • Parents have an opportunity to contribute their talents and perhaps discover new ones
  • Children develop a more positive attitude toward school
  • Parents have opportunity for involvement in all aspects of their child’s education and a voice in school decisions and policy